Which Toaster Ovens Make Dad’s Job Easier

Cooking for the kids is usually a daily adventure. You want them to eat healthy of course, but you also wish to make something that is easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. Luckily, modern toaster ovens give you both control and convenience. Serving up nutritious and delicious meals for the family has never been easier. Not only are countertop ovens simple to use, but the hassle and energy saved make them our go to appliance for everyday culinary magic.

Obviously, the first thing you think about when referring to this type of oven, is toast. However, we were amazed with the versatility of these machines and what they can do for your in your own kitchen. Now, we didn’t get a basic toaster oven, we got a convection toaster oven, and there is a huge difference in the technology and the functionality involved which we will touch on in a bit.

We started our quest for finding a new countertop oven by reading some of today’s best toaster oven reviews to see what was out there. We wanted a general sense of direction as to which ovens are currently popular with owners and were worth considering. The top 3 were all convection ovens, so we decided to dig a little deeper and see why this type of oven was so desirable. We are glad that we did.

Convection Cooking Basics

This type of oven can really make a huge difference in the way that you cook food. Basically, a convection oven uses an internal fan to circulate hot air while you are cooking food. This may not seem like a huge deal, but this action can reduce your cooking times by up to 25%, and it uses lower temperatures to achieve this. It can also be a little more energy efficient which means not only will save time but you will also save energy. Once we discovered all of the advantages of this type of cooking method, it only made sense to get one of these ovens, but which ones are worth your money?

Breville Smart Ovens

Breville has three models that make use of a convection feature. Their BOV800XL has been quite popular for years but they have recently come out with a couple of new models that add a little more functionality. Their BOV845BSS is quickly making a name for itself as it adds another pre-setting to its menu as well as an interior light. This seems to be the new gold standard when it comes to small convection ovens.

  • You can cook slowly for up to 10 hours.
  • Stainless steel finish and construction that fits any type of kitchen style.
  • 10 functions that are displayed on the futuristic LCD display screen.
  • Intuitive controls that are simple to learn.
  • Exceptional cooking performance that lets you bake, roast, broil, reheat, defrost, and more. Its convection feature speeds up the cooking process by up to a whopping 30%.
  • Excellent customer reviews and ratings. Owners love using this oven in their kitchen.

Cuisinart TOB-260

At first glance this might look like a Breville knock-off, but this model can truly stand on its own. Cuisinart’s latest entry into the countertop convection oven market has also been a huge hit with amateur chefs.

  • Exact Heat technology that cooks food evenly on every side. You do not have to worry about hot or cold spots, and it does it automatically.
  • Not one, but two different convection features that you can use to cook your meals. No other oven on the market has this capability.
  • Sleek design with stainless steel materials. Perfect for modern and traditional kitchens alike.
  • Big interior space that can handle a 13″ inch pizza or 9 pieces of toast.
  • Very fast heating, don’t waste your time pre-heating the oven. Get straight to cooking.

Convection Adjustments

Perhaps the only downside to cooking with convection is that you will have to adjust your recipe times to account for the faster results. Once you get this down however, it will open up a new world of not having to wait as long to enjoy your food. Both of the options above take a lot of the guess work out of preparing healthy and delicious results that your family will absolutely love. We were pleasantly shocked with just how much the new countertop ovens can accomplish, and now that we have one of these machines in our kitchen, our standard oven is sure to be collecting a fair amount of dust.

The Beefy Jogging Stroller Perfect For Dads

As a Dad, it is hard to find time to work out and stay fit. The great thing about running strollers is that it allows you a solid work out while also involving the kids. They love the adventure of a fast paced ride and you get some activity that benefits everyone. If you like to go off road or have a favorite hiking trail then you are going to need something capable of handling the rougher terrain. A durable jogging stroller that can take the punishment while also delivering a smooth and comfortable ride is key. We have just the stroller for you.

The Baby Jogger X3 Summit is a reliable jogging stroller that comes with several features and functions that make it an ideal option for parents. Having an adjustable handlebar that permits converting it between jogger and stroller modes, this model can be easily folded with only one hand, as well as a hand-operated rear brake that will give you full control over its movements on uneven terrain.

The stroller also provides an all-wheel suspension system that automatically soaks up road bumps, therefore keeping your child comfortable and perfectly secure. Although pricier, the Baby Jogger X3 Summit delivers an excellent jogger for those serious runners that need a durable, safe and comfortable piece of equipment. Even though it is not as popular as some of the other top rated jogging strollers on the market, it is still one of the better joggers we have come across when it comes to price to performance.

Product Features

Fully-Pivoting Front Wheel: The Baby Jogger X3 Summit comes with a fully-pivoting front wheel that can swivel according to your needs for better maneuverability. The rotating wheel will allow you to better turn tight corners and avoid obstacles. If you are planning to go jogging, or the terrain is more demanding, the wheel can be locked forwards by simply flipping a lever.

All-Wheel Suspension System: One of the most notable features of this stroller is its excellent all-wheel suspension system, which will successfully minimize road bumps that can possibly cause discomfort to your child. It does an excellent job of absorbing shock and making the entire ride for the kids more enjoyable and less jarring.

Adjustable Reclining Seat: This jogger comes with an adjustable seat that can be reclined in a nearly flat position, as well as five-point safety harness and a weather cover that can improve airflow when the seat is reclined.

Large Adjustable Canopy: To enhance your baby’s comfort, this model features a large adjustable canopy that can successfully protect passengers against sun exposure, rain, wind and other elements.

What Owners Like About the Baby Jogger X3 Summit?

Excellent Suspension: What customers really like about the X3 Summit is the excellent suspension this jogging stroller is equipped with. The all-wheel suspension system of this Baby Jogger model will keep your child steady, absorbing shock that shows up as a result of bumping into something, or walking on uneven terrain. Stroller safety is something that is always a concern, but enhanced suspension is something that can help you stay in control across bumpier ground.

Enhanced Comfort: Much to customers’ delight, this jogging stroller is very comfortable, which allows babies to easily fall asleep during longer “adventures”. The seat is adjustable and can be reclined for this purpose, so your little one can stay in a very comfy position and enjoy a good nap. Due to the canopy and weather cover, you will always be able to protect your child against undesirable weather conditions while also improving airflow when the seat is reclined. Owners are typically very pleased with its comfort features.

Swiveling Front Wheel: Another aspect buyers like it is the swiveling front wheel of this jogging stroller. Parents were able to successfully maneuver the X3 Summit without encountering problems, specifically because the front wheel could easily rotate to the desired direction to suit their needs and avoid obstacles. However, Baby Jogger has engineered the wheel to also stay locked forwards when the lever is flipped, which makes it a great option if you are planning to go jogging.

Folding Frame: Baby Jogger has really made a name for itself with its quick fold technology that it implements into each of their strollers. This model can be folded down with one hand for easier storage and transportation. Owners really appreciate this feature.

What Could Be Better?

Durability: Some users had some issues with cleaning their stroller and the fabrics tearing. Reading through various customer reviews this does not seem to be a prevalent problem, but more isolated.

Weight: Some parents also wished that the X3 weighed a little bit less. Getting it in and out of the vehicle was a bit of a chore for a few owners

Bottom Line

Baby Jogger makes some of the best performance strollers that you can buy, and this model is no exception. Engineered for those that take jogging seriously, the X3 Summit is a great option for those looking for something that can handle more demanding terrain. Owners have been impressed with its overall performance and price and give it scores in the high 4’s out of 5 stars.

Convertible Car Seat Mistakes Moms and Dads Can Avoid

One right of passage for new parents that can often make them lose sleep is buying a new car seat. I remember the stress and anxiety that would build up trying to find just the perfect convertible seat that gave the ultimate safety for our child. It also had to be comfortable and easy to use. This is something that we were going to use for many years to come so we had to get it right. We are both careful drivers but this experience has probably made us overly cautious. A child restraint seat is one of the first big purchases you will make so it is good to know what to avoid.

One thing that we didn’t foresee as we were combing through countless reviews of the best convertible car seats was how this was just the first step to ensuring their safety. Once we picked a seat we were happy with we then had to learn how to use it correctly. Making sure that our child fit just right and that the seat was securely fastened to our vehicle required a little bit of a learning curve. Over time it became routine, but this is something that every parent should be prepared for when shopping for a new safety seat.

Getting Expert Help

Reading the car seat manual and adhering to its recommendations is vital. However experts advise parents to also read what the car maker says about car seat installation. One should make a point of following the two sets of guidelines. The same applies when moving the seat to another family car, since every car is different. It is therefore critical to make installation adjustments when a switch is made to ensure safety is maintained. Getting an expert second opinion from a certified technician is also a smart idea. Local firehouses and police stations routinely have car seat inspection events throughout the year which can help you get a better grasp on how to install the convertible seat correctly.

Making Sure All Straps Are Snug

If the car seat has no harness, kids need to wear seat belts fitted properly for protection. If the child is using a seat belt, with or without a booster seat, the belt lap section must rest low on the hips, not across the stomach or legs. The upper section should be across the chest, resting upon the body shoulder rather than on the neck. It should also not be put under the armpit. All children weighing between 40 and 80 pounds and are over 4 feet and nine inches tall require a booster seat to ensure the car seat belt fits properly. Also, it is advised that children below 13 years should not sit in the front seat.

Keep Rear-Facing As Long As Possible

Turning the child in order to see their faces using the rear-view mirror may seem convenient to the driving parent-but there are safety reasons to delay this.Experts recommend that kids should face the rear until they are two years old. This is due to the anatomical growth of the child. The vertebrae of children only fuse together only when they are aged between 4 and 6 years old. Therefore the impact of a frontal crash can severely damage the spine of a young child. In addition, if the child sits near the seat in front, they can hit it hard enough to cause serious damage to their legs, feet or even their brain. Facing the rear is a lot safer during all kinds of collisions. Most car seat manuals provide appropriate guidance on this. Some car seats can securely hold a larger toddler facing the rear.

Securely Fasten Everything

While it is inconvenient to keep loosening and tightening straps when kids get in and out of vehicles, the hassle is worth the effort to avoid them flying out in case of a crash. To ensure a proper and tight fit, the parent can do the pinch test. This is where after tightening the harness snugly, the parent can use his or her index finger and thumb to lightly grab the harness at the child’s collar bone, without digging too deep. Also ensure the harness chest clip is not too tight since this may lead to discomfort and red marks on the child’s skin.The chest clip should be slid up so it becomes level with the armpits.

Making Adjustments Over Time

Generally, safety seats are designed to fit a range of different ages. Therefore as the child grows, adjustments need to be made. An example is adjusting the shoulder straps for the forward facing kid. Parents should ensure that shoulder straps begin on the child’s shoulder, not below. Seats come with several different strap slots hence parents should ensure they adjust them upwards to match the child’s growth. Once the child’s shoulder is over the highest slot a new seat must be installed.

Getting The Right Seat

Whereas car seats come with age guidelines, the weight and height of a child is more important when choosing which one to install. There is a car seat finder tool on the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) website that can help a parent calculate the best seat for a child’s size.

Getting a Used Seat

Using old seats may be cost-efficient but may lead to safety concerns. Before installing a used car seat, one should ponder over several issues. This includes asking whether the car had been involved in a crash or if it is on a recall list. Older seats may be compromised since they may have been damaged in a car crash. The seat must not be over five years old since plastic weakens with age.


You obviously know how big of a deal getting a quality seat is, but knowing how to use it is just as important. Reducing the risk of injury by making the seat is used correctly will help put your mind at a little more ease and let you focus on getting to your destination without distraction. With a little practice and study, you will be an expert in no time.